Empower App Allows Users To Monitor & Manage Cryptocurrency

In addition to including traditional investments, the online personal assistant Empower is now featuring cryptocurrency exchange integration with Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, and Kraken. Users will now be able to view all types of investments in real time on one platform.

The money management application Empower is the only one that freely allows users to access their cryptocurrency portfolio performance along with their banking and other investment accounts. The reports are delivered in less than five minutes.

“Empower was created to bring all your finances under one app and help you better understand your money and build wealth,” explained Warren Hogarth, CEO of Empower in a statement. “The next emerging asset class is cryptocurrency, and our users need to be able to monitor and manage their crypto accounts alongside more traditional finances to make informed decisions at all times.”

The Empower app also provides human coaches for users who need help making decisions about their finances, credit and cryptocurrencies. The coaches answer questions as well as deliver finance tips and advice.

The app will feature a cryptocurrency leaderboard, highlighting user performance and rankings alongside others who are also in the Empower crypto populace. For those navigating the crypto environment, the platform will offer tips and disclose what coins top investors keep in their portfolios and what coins they’re buying and selling. The app allows users to connect crypto exchanges, view live crypto performance and track coins and tokens.

A recent survey found that just 8 percent of Americans are invested in cryptocurrency. The survey polled 2,000 adults in February 2018 and found the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin.

Forty percent of those surveyed who hadn’t purchased cryptocurrencies noted that they didn’t do so because they were disinterested or didn’t feel the need. An additional 35 percent felt the risk was too high to do so.

Another survey found that 58 percent of cryptocurrency holders were men under the age of 34 and that only five percent of Americans own cryptocurrency. Perhaps an app like Empower will make people feel more comfortable delving into the cryptocurrency arena.

Empower tracks and manages people’s finances and is free to use on both iOS and Android. Forbes, Time Magazine, Apple, and others have featured the platform as one of tech’s best financial applications. It currently has a 4.8 rating in the Apple App Store.

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