The Unihertz Atom: A Mighty Waterproof Mini-Smartphone

Cell phones continue to get bigger and better. Each generation includes a number of enhanced features, including larger screens and more complex operating systems. But do you ever wish to return to the days when your phone easily fit in the palm of your hand? We found one option for a smartphone that practically disappears in your pocket. It’s perfect for active people who like to run, hike and bike and doesn’t want to carry their bulky smartphones with them.

Billed as the “smallest 4G rugged smartphone,” the Unihertz Atom is mini sized. It has a 2.45-inch, 240 x 432 resolution display with 4GB of RAM. It uses Android 8.1 Oreo and is compatible with thousands of apps. It has two cameras—a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. The Atom features a fingerprint sensor, is waterproof, and has an FM radio. It includes a USB Type-C for charging.

“With Atom, travellers, sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers have a tough, reliable and fast 4G phone that can go with them anywhere,” Unihertz said in a press release.

The Atom is the successor to Unihertz’s mini-smartphone called the Jelly, which made over $1 million US through its Kickstarter campaign.

“We received incredibly valuable feedback from our first 4G mini-smartphone, Jelly,” Unihertz explained. “Users loved the portability and the option of leaving their large screens and expensive primary phones at home, but they wanted a phone tough enough for outdoor activities, trips to the beach and sports. We based Atom on those requirements. We made it extra strong, shockproof, and waterproof, while still delivering all the features and the fast 4G connectivity that made Jelly so powerful.”

The Atom retails for $300, but cheaper versions are available on Kickstarter. Unihertz has tested the Atom on most mobile carrier networks.

Because the device is meant to be portable, Unihertz offers three accessories alongside for active individuals: a bike mount, armband, and belt clip.

The Atom isn’t necessarily intended to replace your regular smartphone.

“As flagship smartphones have gotten ever larger, more complicated and more fragile, the idea of having a secondary phone for outings, travel and sports has become popular,” noted Unihertz. “Mini-smartphones include the most essential features and are reliable and small enough to make them a great alternative.”

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