Essential Holiday Movies For The Man Cave

Watching corny holiday movies is fun when your family is in town or you’re having a movie date night with your better half. But when you’re hanging with the guys, you need some less embarrassing flicks to hunker down in the man-cave with – we’ve got your back with everything from ‘80s comedies to holiday-themed horrors.

  1. Bad Santa

The antichrist of Christmas, Bad Santa’s super-lush Billy Bob Thornton is all of our inner Grinch with an extra dose of naughty.  It’s all about a quasi-depressed conman and his partner (played by Bernie Mac, which is a reason to watch all in itself), and also involves a bartender with a Santa fetish.

2. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon is always a classic, and it’s no different for their Christmas edition. There’s plenty of chevy, bad luck and disaster in this John Hughes masterpiece. Plus, the obnoxious family guests are too relatable. Why not follow it up with a National Lampoon marathon?

3. Scrooged

This ’80s classic is for all the non-Christmas folks out there, and Bill Murray plays a big ol’ Grinch. He’s a mean-spirited executive who fires people just because they disagree with him. And one Christmas he happens to get a karma dose, getting paid a visit by the ghosts.

4. Gremlins

A ridiculous essential. An unsuspecting dad buys a “mogwai” from Chinatown as a gift for his son. But it opens up a whole gremlin gang, including the loveable Gizmo. It’s campy but still dark and scary  – perfect to watch with your own gang of gremlins as you crack open some cold ones.

5. Die Hard

Christmas action movies more your speed?  Die hard has you covered. Hang with Bruce Willis as he has the worst Christmas ever as an NYD officer taken hostage by terrorist Hans Gruber during a Christmas party in LA. Bruce Willis, sweaty tank tops, and guns. A great way to spice up your festivities.

6. The Night Before

This  Christmas film chronicles the holiday mishaps  of three lifelong friends who commit to party-hard traditions every year. They  search for the elusive Nutracker Ball annually, and this year, magically end up with tickets. Seth Rogen has the most memorable night after he consumes an entire box of drugs that his wife gifts him as a reward for being an A+ husband, with ludicrously side-splitting consequences.

7. Krampus

For all of you rolling your eyes at Christmas this year, this horror take on it will give you Christmas nightmares instead of the warm and fuzzies. Krampus is the antithesis to St. Nicholas – he kidnaps children who’ve been naughty. He’s got horns, is described as “half goat half demon” and is a a great add-on for holiday dinners where you want to terrify your misbehaving cousins or nieces and nephews. 

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