Best Places To Hike In Ontario (Hiking Giveaway Inside)

Earth Day recently passed, and you might not think of recycling as an exciting way to celebrate. While being eco-friendly is essential, it’s not always the most fun. So this Earth Day, we thought it would be more suitable to celebrate Mother Nature as a whole instead, soaking in all of her beauty and getting your endorphins pumping via a scenic hike.

With the weather finally warming up, going on a hike ( either beginner level or with challenging nooks and crannies for adrenaline lovers), is the ultimate way to go green this year. Reduce your carbon footprint and absorb the views of your favourite person. It’s a cheap but incredibly romantic date idea to fill a backpack or basket with picnic essentials such as wine and cheese and soak in the glorious natural world around you as you munch on some snacks.

Appreciating nature isn’t just a chance to unplug and reflect on life, but science says that people who do so are healthier, happier, and have more innovative tendencies than those who people you know who say that they “hate nature” and are referring to a park in downtown Toronto.

And that makes total sense for us. Immersing yourself in a mountain peak or a swarthy forest provides a type of serenity that seems impossible to achieve amidst the bustle of everyday life.

It provides a necessary reprieve from urban life and the stress that it naturally creates for all of us. Concentrating on some R&R is way more beneficial to health than putting in overtime at work. Being in the quietude really allows you release your inner genius, add creativity, and focus on what gives your life meaning.

While there are loads of great hiking options in Ontario, not all of them are the most time-friendly, and many can only afford a weekend away. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the “getaway” factor. Journey to the Bruce Peninsula – the Bruce Trail runs throughout Ontario, but Tobermory and Bruce Peninsula Park offer truly breathtaking hiking opportunities. Algonquin Provincial Park and Bon Echo Provincial Park are also fantastic choices. If you need to stay in the city, you can check out the Scarborough Bluffs Trail which offers a magnificent view that makes you feel like you’re miles away.

Of course, dressing in the right hiking gear is essential for making the most of your adventure. No one wants to be uncomfortable for a long walk where you’re meant to be appreciating the natural world around you, but are just focusing on staying dry or not trying to slip and fall. 

Luckily, Columbia is one of the most trusted adventure-wear brands in the world, and they have some functional yet sleek staples such as their Conspiracy III Titanium OutDry Extreme Eco shoes, and they offer a boot version in the same line of if you prefer more protection, or are going on a rigorous hike (ankle protection is key). In this Titanium line, they also have a lightweight but water-wicking jacket that will keep you dry but won’t have you sweating while your heart is pumping. What’s great about the shoes & jacket is that they’re ECO-friendly and made from sustainable materials. Fun fact: the dye-free fabric on the rain jacket saves over 13 gallons of water per jacket in the manufacturing process – and the 100% recycled fabric is made from 21 recycled plastic bottles.

This Earth Day, we should all take a break from the cubicle, dress smart, and breathe in some fresh, invigorating air to revitalize the senses and remind us to feel alive.


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