Running Combats Stress

Running Combats The Adverse Effects Of Stress

People do a variety of things to get rid of stress, some of which are healthier than others. A new study from Brigham Young University (BYU) finds that running is particularly effective at dealing with chronic stress and protects your memory. Running alleviates the negative impacts of stress on the … Read More

Ted-Jan Bloemen Speed Skating

Canadian Pyeongchang Olympic Overview: Week 1

Since the 2018 winter Olympics began on February 9th 2018, Canada has the third highest medal count. With 13 medals, Canadian athletes trail Norway’s 17 medals and Germany’s 15 medals. Canada has skated, skied, luged, snowboarded, and curled themselves into the third highest medal ranking with 4 gold, 5 silver, … Read More

team canada hockey 2018

Meet The Team Canada Hockey Roster

There are officially 25 men on the Team Canada hockey roster but most people would be hard pressed to name one of them. With no NHL players taking part in the this year’s Winter Olympics, Canada and many other countries, are being forced to look way down the depth charts … Read More

Nanci Guest Olympics

PyeongChang, Fitness, And Nutrition Tips With Head Dietitian for 2010 Winter Olympics

Nanci S. Guest is a registered sports dietitian, personal trainer who has been the head dietitian for the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2015 Pan Am games as well as helping many international and national athletes for Sochi 2014, and Rio 2016, and a CLIF Bar Nutrition Ambassador. She’s completed … Read More

spiderband Workout

This NY Workout Turns You Into Spiderman

Every year, there’s always a workout trend that goes viral. Crossfit and TRX is still having its moment, and the Lagree method has been referred to as “Pilates on crack,” which has been popular with world-class athletes and celebrities internationally. Like Lagree, the newest trend, dubbed “Spiderbands” is another full-cardio, strength-training … Read More

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