Privé Revaux Sunglasses: The Affordable, Stylish Celeb Brand

Move over, Warby Parker – Privé Revaux is a hand-crafted, polarized sunglasses brand that’s even more affordable (at $29.95) without sacrificing quality or style. Privé has been a hit with celebrities, and they’ve just launched exclusively with We had the pleasure of trying out some of their shades, which we fell in love with. 

The Privé Revaux blue “Explorer” model is a bestseller, and we can see why. Reflective sunglasses are sometimes hit-or-miss, but this time, Privé hit it out of the ballpark. This model features a matte navy finish, extended rims, and silver accents on a wide aviator frame. They’re as bold and statement-making are they are subtly striking, with just the right dose of masculinity. Sometimes, sunglasses brands can take too many fashion liberties and get a little gaudy, but these manage to marry style and function for the perfect contemporary result.

They fit snugly but don’t have that frustrating too-tight feeling that shades can have, and they also pass the slippage test with flying colors. The construction is sturdy and the nose pads don’t leave that embarrassing mark when you take them off after extended wear. We love the protection and organic fit they provide while still providing their fresh take on a contemporary aviator and reflective model.

If the extended frames provide too much coverage and you’re not into the reflective look, they offer a low-key, popular alternative: The Commando.  This all-black version is more lightweight, with thinner, more classic lines and a slightly less rounded look. They provide ample protection and will be the ideal transitional winter shades for those intense days when it’s absolutely freezing out, but equally sunny. Both models feature scratch-resistant lenses and an anti-glare coating, and with neither model did we get that foggy, unclear side effect of cheap shades – everything came through hi-def, with the utmost clarity.

Whether you’re looking to experiment with style, or steer clear of anything flashy and go the minimalist look, Privé has a range of high-quality, unisex models for you to check out, and they won’t break the bank. The brand also provides a high-end feel without the price tag in their individual packaging – all Privé models come in a sleek black tri-fold case with a sophisticated textured print, a microfibre cleaning cloth, and an authentication card with a serial number printed on it. What else could you ask for with an undeniably affordable price tag? People need to stop dropping stacks for well made, chic designer brand sunnies when they could just be investing in a pair from Privé instead.

Need some help choosing the best style?  Check this out.

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