Stylish Outerwear Essentials That You’ll Need to Brave the Winter

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a date or event with a sleek suit that’s hiding beneath a bulky behemoth of an ugly parka. As the bitter winter nears, it’s important to find outerwear essentials that are as smart-looking as they are warm. Avoid looking like the Michelin man with these handsome, affordable alternatives.

1. Andrew Marc parkas are the ultimate in fitted comfort and warmth. We love their stylish fur hood accents and coloring (the espresso shade is our favorite). This coyote-trimmed ultra down model feature s a removable hood and 4 spacious fleece lined pockets. It’s surprisingly warm without being bulky, and also has water-resistant features.

2. This stylish, streamlined hooded look also provides supreme warmth (60/40 duck down) without weighing you down with a bunch of extra fabric. Choose a size down if you want a slimmer fit. The two-zipper structure allows for weather-versatile options (the additional zipper keeps you a bit cooler and offers a more relaxed fit).  Olive tone and sleek stitching make this a seasonal outerwear staple.

3. The perfect length and fit along with a stylish black fur trim and generous pockets make this coat a force to be reckoned with. A premium white down filling and a windproof hood keep you cozy in this mid-length piece, while a butter-smooth interior and exterior fabric matches its sumptuous aesthetic to a T.   

4. You would never guess that this vintage-inspired Cuchillo jacket would be a Northface piece, would you? The highly praised brand brings a streetwear-inspired aesthetic along with supreme warmth in a sherpa fleeced lining and a high-pile construction. This is an ideal layering piece for when it gets freezing outside, but on its own, it’s the perfect in-between seasons’ look. 

5. This 90% down parka puffer clocks in at under 100 bucks and comes in black, khaki, and green. All pair ideally with either jeans or dress pants, but the black is our sleek #1. The protective faux fur trim and a collar sitting close to the chin will help keep the whistling wind out, and the ultra-soft fabric provides a fitted and sophisticated silhouette. Dual zipper and button closure offer a more dynamic aesthetic along with more secure closure.

6. Burton always has their climate-control on lockdown, and these unique, color-blocked are no exception. Apart from locking in warmth, we’ve never really seen a parka this well-tailored with such a fresh take on colorways. Reviewers comment that though they found the jacket via the Amazon sale price, they would have gladly paid in full for the quality that they received – now that’s an endorsement!


Looking for something a bit more industrial?  Check this out.

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