Privé Revaux Sunglasses: The Affordable, Stylish Celeb Brand

Move over, Warby Parker – Privé Revaux is a hand-crafted, polarized sunglasses brand that’s even more affordable (at $29.95) without sacrificing quality or style. Privé has been a hit with celebrities, and they’ve just launched exclusively with We had the pleasure of trying out some of their shades, which … Read More

Celebrity Charity Endorsements Don’t Work

Know that Bono endorses a bunch of charities, but can’t remember exactly which ones? Well, you’re not alone; new research suggests that celebrity endorsements don’t really help charities, but they sure as hell help said celebrities. Writing in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, researchers say that celebrities aren’t effective … Read More

People Pay More For Personal Touch on Celebrity Memorabilia

We pay a whole lot of money for celebrity memorabilia; Steve McQueen’s jacket from Bullitt was expected to go for up to $800,000, last we checked (and then stopped checking, since that’s a tad out of our price range). So what gives? Why not just get a replica, which is … Read More

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