The Pumpkin Spice Hater’s Guide to Enjoying Fall Flavors

It’s that time of year again – when coffee shops and grocery stores shelves are full of the mass-marketed, in-your-face, pumpkin spice flavored everything.  Ever since Starbucks first released the Pumpkin Spice Latte fourteen years ago, it’s become an unstoppable cultural trend. It’s now found in chewing gum, Oreos, Pringles, … Read More

Stylish Superstorm Survival

One of the more exasperating aspects of fall and winter for Wet Coasters is trying to dress for it. Traditional winter clothing is more concerned with conserving heat than standing up to torrential downpours and daily mists. Vancouver guys don’t need fresh-from-the-East-Coast kit like those felt-lined, faux-furred Kodiaks that make … Read More

Style Suggestions: Affordable Cashmere

The fine, soft weave of a cashmere sweater denotes an impeccable sartorial sophistication, due in part to King Edward VII, who, in the 1930s, popularized Pringle of Scotland’s V-neck versions. Whether hunting on the moors of Balmoral Castle or lazing about in Buckingham Palace, the fashionable (and, at the time, … Read More

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