The High-Speed World of Drone Racing, And How To Get Involved

Drones have come a long way from combat usage. In this day and age, they bring soaring birds’ eyes views to photography, watch over natural habitats within wildlife, and scan dangerous areas for law enforcement.

What is drone racing?

Drones have proven useful for a range of industries, and now, they’re starting their own sport. Competitive Drone racing is the newest, fastest, and possibly weirdest new venture for adrenaline and tech junkies alike.

Drones are now being used to compete in exhilarating 3D courses all over the world. The expensive activity is structured by the DRL “Drone Racing League”, and has numerous sponsors and partnerships involved, as do car races.

The DRL has competitors from all over the world operating custom drones with incredible agility and speeds averaging 120 mph through a course with different altitudes and obstacles. The League even set a Guinness World Record for a capturing a record speed of 163.5 mph.

How does a typical race work?

In the races, competitors wear goggles over their head to see the drones’ movement. These goggles show a real-time video feed from a camera that is built on the drone.

The camera displays the direction of movement through the obstacles and aerial turns. This allows pilots to race the drones with a first-person view in different circuits while collecting points from passing checkpoints. The pilot with the most points at the end of all the races is deemed the winner.  

How can I get involved?

Not only is this thrilling futuristic sport up and coming, but it’s actively looking for more racers to be involved in this league.

They host tryouts through a simulation course which is available for download. You can complete the simulation course in under 9 minutes, and see if you’re eligible to enter a tournament that will be held in Las Vegas, in 2019. The winner of this competition not only gets the glory and bragging rights but becomes Swatch’s Pro Pilot and snags a $75,000.00 contract.

If you are tech-savvy with expert hand-eye coordination, why not try this daring new fusion between technology and sports? DRL Pilots are able to customize and engineer their drones, flying them all over the world to iconic courses within exotic locations – all while getting paid! Pilots claim that those with interest have signed up for competitive races within six months, on the fast track to pro racing.

Why is it so lucrative?

The Drone Racing League is grabbing the attention of thousands who are mesmerized these fierce mechanical birds competing in circuit races, controlled by pilots through advanced tech. Never before seen speeds and aerial maneuvers have players and onlookers addicted.

It looks like a thrill, but an expensive one if you end up shattering your drone. Take a chance and join the competition – if you’re not ready, watch a few games from the sidelines.

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