This NY Workout Turns You Into Spiderman

Every year, there’s always a workout trend that goes viral. Crossfit and TRX is still having its moment, and the Lagree method has been referred to as “Pilates on crack,” which has been popular with world-class athletes and celebrities internationally. Like Lagree, the newest trend, dubbed “Spiderbands” is another full-cardio, strength-training 50-minute powerhouse that’s just arrived in NYC.

Now, there’s a new body-sculpting workout that’s claiming to make you feel like a superhero. We’re not sure who wouldn’t want that out of their workouts. It’s a welcome change from feeling like we’re running on an endless treadmill, envisioning a mirage of cupcakes and french fries dangling as motivators before our very eyes.

The workout known as Spiderbands will ignite your Spidey senses like no other. While a lot of workouts use bungee cords, this one is revolutionary because its bungee cords hanging from the ceiling, in a perfectly sweaty, TRX inspired workout, but with more multitasking. “It’s like rubbing your head and stomach at the same time,” the founder explained to

As opposed to TRYZ straps, the bungee cords in this workout create the perfect harmony between challenging resistance and assistance to muscles, feigning a virtual spotter. The class was designed by NYC nutritionist and trainer Franci Cohen, and is the latest game-changer in the world of low-risk and low-impact workouts that are still high-intensity and offer a sizeable challenge.

Your Spidey senses are invoked via the superhero-esque moves. After your limbs are strapped in(which already enhances engagement for the whole class), legs are drawn up, along, or around in a badass kick-jump—punch-fly air choreography which will leave you breathless in this adrenaline-pumping workout concept.

If these gravity-defying classes aren’t offered in your city but you’re ready to strap in, see if there are hooks available to hang your own bungee bands at your local fitness spot, or comparable classes. The fact that more and more studios like this are spawning all over proves that the superhero trend is here to stay.

Cardio resistance workouts leveraging gravity and body weight with intense choreo is the future of effective exercise, so learn about this groundbreaking class before it hits a city near you.

The closest option offered both nationwide in the U.S. and Canada is Lagree Fitness studios, utilizing the same concept, but on a pilates-reformer inspired machine. We only have one question: does the class provide a mask and initialled cape, or should we provide our own?

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