Top 10 Toronto Gym’s

Outdoor workouts are becoming increasingly sparse as the temperature drops below freezing in Toronto. Opt out of your weekly run and swap it out with one of these innovative and top of the line studio experiences. Self-care is essential during this depressing, sunless season and you need all the endorphins you can get, so check out our picks below.


Fit Factory Fitness (King-Spadina)

Fit Factory Fitness

You may have passed by this prominent, glass-walled “factory” off King and Spadina; It looks intimidating from the outside, with people lifting heavy dumbbells over their heads, but everyone who attends swears by Fit Factory’s methods, and their Yelp page is loaded with 5-star reviews.  Their signature training program is notorious for their legitimate military styled fitness training which is extreme, but rewarding. All the trainers have different styles so find which groove works for you.


Rosedale Club (Rosedale)

Rosedale Club

If upscale intimacy is what you’re going for, Rosedale Club is the workout club for you. It’s a tinier, more niche Equinox for those who prefer to keep it a little more low-key. The space is 18,000 square feet, with ample cardio and strength training room. They also a high tech spin room, classes like infrared heated yoga, Tabata bootcamps, and cardio machines that are customized for your phone. After your workout, enjoy a steam and hang in their decadent marble change rooms with oversized showers.


Totum Life Science (Financial District)

Totum Life Sciences

Located in Toronto’s financial core, Totum prides itself on its science-based technique and range of services from sports medicine, to chiropractic, to concussion testing, this one-of-a-kind space is a dynamic and welcome addition to TO.  Every client must go through a personal training protocol, including consultation and a goal-setting session with an individually selected trainer, along with exercise specific assessment, development, and execution. Thorough and full experience is their game.


Equinox (Yorkville)

Equinox Yorkville

This 32,000 square foot Yorkville village location is our favourite of this chain that’s known for its attractive clientele. It includes a staggering gym, full-service spa, and four separate studios which are dedicated to cycling, pilates, yoga, and group classes. It’s been the classic luxe gym for years and is still excelling under that moniker. Also, if you’re about the amenities, we can’t get enough of their Kiehls products and chilled eucalyptus towels.


Crossfit YKV (Yorkville)

If you love the bursting energy and strength building of CrossFit training, this Yorkville gym takes it from badly lit, smelly lunkhead gyms to a svelte space designed by MCR interiors. The two-story space features floor to ceiling windows, state-of-the-art equipment, and most uniquely, physiotherapy treatment rooms. Though it is CrossFit focused, YKV does have a cardio suite if you need that extra boost.


Lagree Fitness (Vaughn, King West, Forest Hill)

We kind of cheated here – this space only has classes and not a free-form workout space. But it is one of the most powerful and effective workouts in the world used by athletes that will get you ripped in under a month if you keep at it. These immediate results are due to their miracle machine called the Mega-former which is commonly described as a “Pilates former on crack”. It’s a machine that uses adjustable spring-loaded resistance using super slow, aware movements that activate your slow twitch muscle fibers, ultimately creating the insane results.


Adelaide Club (Financial District)

Adelaide Club

The airy Adelaide club is in the financial district and has a touch of luxury without being obnoxious. From their playlists to their cozy leather chairs, their offer a ton of supplementary goods that make this workout spot worth signing up for. Some of those include their squash studios, golf trainers, and even pre/postnatal services for new parents.


Fuel Training (East, Roncy, West)

Fuel Fitness

With three locations all over the city, this gym is less luxuriously intimidating, and more personable.  While the amenities aren’t there, the aesthetic is clean, and classes and training facilities speak for themselves. Their classes are limited to 12 clients, guaranteeing attentive teacher helping your form. They focus on function, meaning workouts designed to improve patterns outside the gym and in your daily life. They offer training and conditioning classes  and hold quarterly fitness events where a sweaty workout is followed up by a party, complete with beer and food.

Hone Fitness (Church/Wellesley Village)

Hone Fitness

If you reside or are often in Church-Wellesley village, this unassuming gym is right off the Yonge/Bloor subway line and whilst not as fancy as some of the others on this list, they have their own perks that make their memberships a steal. First off, they offer massage chairs, which is reason enough in itself. The gym is also surprisingly clean (a dire necessity but not to be taken for granted), they have their own juice bar, and the fees are pretty reasonable.  If the village isn’t convenient for you, check out their other locations at Queen & Carlaw or St. Clair & Bathurst. 

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