Google Flights To Predict Travel Delays With 80% Accuracy

One annoying thing about travelling is getting to the airport and finding out your flight has been delayed. You wind up wasting time by paying too much for snacks and searching for a seat near an outlet so you can use the Wi-Fi without draining your battery. The minutes tick by and you wish you had advance notice of the delay. Well, now you can.

Google Flights has launched a new feature that lists confirmed flight delays and the cause of the delays. The airfare search engine also claims to predict delays. The tech giant does this by injecting historic flight status data into its algorithms to make its predictions, reports Mashable.

Google notes that the predictions won’t always be accurate, but it is 80 percent confident with its results. In order to determine if a flight is delayed, simply search the airline and flight number or flight route.

While this is a useful tool, there is still a 20 percent margin for error. It may be risky to base your travel plans on an imperfect system.

Google Flights also has another feature for travelers—detailed information on basic-economy fares, such as baggage fees and seat selection. You’ll find out which amenities are included on flights for American, Delta and United.

Delta launched the budget-friendly “basic economy” in 2012 and was later followed by American and Delta, who offer “last class” tickets. The fares may seem like a bargain upfront, but it’s often unclear what is and isn’t included, such as access to overhead bin space.

Google Flights launched in 2011 after it bought flight data startup ITA Software for $700 million. It helps users choose when to buy tickets based on when prices are expected to rise.

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