SPONSORED The Amex Hot 100 Wishlist

The American Express Hot 100 Wishlist is brought to you by American Express Canada.

The holidays are now very nearly in our laps and will soon be over and done with for another 10 months — before the stores put up their decorations once more, on that most special of days: the day after Halloween. Is this a less stressful season for you than in years past? It has been for me already. Admittedly, I’m generally one to blithely stroll through the late autumn breezes oblivious to shortening timelines insofar as concerns familial obligations. Still, with a little help from the American Express Hot 100 Wishlist, I’m streets ahead of where I would normally find myself.

The online shopping I’ve done in direct relation to these postings has been entirely efficient. It might go without saying to report that I received email confirmations from all companies instantly upon placing my orders, but it’s also worth noting that within one day, I received confirmations of left-the-storehouse shipping from three out of four suppliers, with the fourth emailing personally to advise of shipping times. I had packages in my hands in less than 48 hours from placing the first order; even the camera coming from New York City was along on day three, with no hang-ups at the border. Were these pleasurable transactions? Most certainly. Were there further benefits to be had? Definitely.

One advantage that flows from online shopping is becoming a favoured customer and receiving preferential treatment in the form of special offers, insider deals and advance notice of upcoming bargains. The best stores will offer incentives to earn repeat online business in more ways than a loyalty card presented at the cashier’s desk or flyer sent via post. Although it can be more to keep up with in terms of email traffic, notices of 48-hour fire sales, extended free shipping offers, and instant rebates abound when you’re a registered customer.

They say that more savings beget more shopping. That may be true, but when it comes to the very process of gift shopping, the best “savings,” always, are rooted in money properly spent. Making sure you have the right gifts for those on your list has never been easier than now — provided you and your giftees are using tools such as the American Express Hot 100 Wishlist to ensure that you’re an informed shopper and you in turn are informing their shopping, via the same simple means.

Here we are, well into December, and my holiday shopping is nearly at an end without yet having had to step into a mall. I’m certain that I will visit bricks and mortar, though only for a handful of items that are truly best left to personal touch/in-the-moment inspiration. If already acquainted with your item, what could be easier than leaving it to the courier companies to drive through the slush with your shopping? With all the time and aggravation I’ve been spared via my reliable Platinum Card and my skillful mouse-clicking, I managed to do some holiday baking that I might have left to a last-minute panic. This surfeit of time didn’t necessarily make my batter any better but surely made this buyer less bitter.

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