New study indicates that you are probably a boring person

Worried that you might come across as rather dull? It turns out that most people are. A new study has the details – including the top 10 signs that you are a boring person.

It’s been proven that during your teenage years the pressure to ‘fit in’ is at its strongest because no one wants to feel left out, according to Child and Youth Health. As you get older, though the feeling lessens, it still exists to some degree in many adults as suggested by a new study conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Flatbike.

According to the study, 65 percent of people worry they’ve become boring. The study surveyed 2,000 married adults on a variety of questions regarding social interactions, characteristics, and lifestyle. 

Approximately 45 percent of those surveyed often think that others find them boring. Nearly 64 percent are concerned that they lack interesting anecdotes to share and over half (58 percent) feel that they need to take up a new and adventurous hobby.

The study also found the number one sign that you’re boring is being only interested in talking about yourself. Other top ten characteristics of a dull person included having no sense of humor, repeating the same stores, complaining, and overly checking your phone.

The most boring topics of conversation placed politics at the top of the list, followed by finances and sports.

Boredom also can invade our relationships. For those with significant others, 53 percent of people said their partner can sometimes be a bit of a bore. It mostly stems from the partner being unwilling to try anything new, not having any passions or lacking an adventurous side.

Despite all the negative findings, there is good news. Most people intuitively know how to change their boring lifestyle; it’s simply a matter of executing it.

“It’s about spontaneity—about putting your smartphone aside for a bit and immersing yourself in life,” said Bob Forgrave, president of Flatbike. “68 percent of respondents wish they could get out and explore news places, more than half simply wish they were more active, and 48 percent feel more time outdoors would make a real difference.”

The top ten signs you’re a boring person

  • Only interested in talking about themselves
  • No sense of humor
  • Complaining a lot
  • Repeating the same jokes/stories over and over
  • Constantly checking their phone
  • Not being open-minded
  • Showing a lack of empathy
  • Uninterested in trying new things
  • Interested in things others don’t care about
  • Having no passions/hobbies
  • There you have it, just follow your gut, put your phone down, and start living.

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