New study indicates that you are probably a boring person

Worried that you might come across as rather dull? It turns out that most people are. A new study has the details – including the top 10 signs that you are a boring person. It’s been proven that during your teenage years the pressure to ‘fit in’ is at its … Read More

Having sex with someone else

Is having sex with someone other than your partner cheating? New survey finds most people say ‘yes’

Eye-opening sex survey reveals why people cheat on their partners, along with what is – and isn’t – considered to be cheating. How far can you go without crossing that line? Is sex with someone other than your partner cheating? Yes. Yes, it is. Those are the findings of a … Read More

Your Dirty Facebook Secrets

Last week, when the AP reported that Facebook is now cited in the vast majority of divorce cases, we weren’t the least bit surprised. From incriminating pics of that vacation you took with your mistress to the occasional flirtatious wall posting, Facebook – and other social networking sites – makes … Read More

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