7 Essential Ties for Guys

There are many things a tie should not be: It should not be musical or flashy. It should not be funny, and it should never, ever be zany. It should work flawlessly with your outfit, neither drawing attention to itself, nor fading into obscurity. And while choosing the right tie is never entirely simple, if you find one that fits into one of these seven categories, you should be all right. Here, seven essential types of ties.

1. Black
Solid black is the staple of any tiedrobe. It doesn’t have to be hipster-skinny, but anything over 23/4 inches at its widest point will look cartoonish.

2. Wool
Ties, like nearly everything else in your wardrobe, should change with the seasons. In fall and winter, go for wool; solid burgundy, grey, or red are all good bets.

3. Pindot
You don’t need an image of an oversize fish in order to add a little colour and levity to your tie; go with a pin-dot pattern instead.

4. Rep
Worn by East Coast prepsters and political powerhouses, the Ivy has long signified membership into some sort of exclusive club.

5. Club
A well-spaced pattern composed of toned-down crests or logos is an easy way to say, “I might just own a yacht.”

6. Knitted
Sean Connery’s James Bond, Cary Grant and the Beatles all rocked this one in the early ’60s; it’s back, baby.

7. Bowtie
No longer the exclusive province of dandies and hipsters, bow ties are enjoying a moment in the mainstream.

Image courtesy of Yogma.

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