The Guide to Honest Break-Ups

You can deny it no longer: the end is near. You’ve been keeping your distance, not only building up the courage to break up with her, but also trying to come up with the right way to do it. The truth will hurt too much. But you don’t want to lie, either. No doubt breaking up requires delicate diplomacy, where words matter greatly, and telling no lies is often very different from telling the whole truth. Here, a guide to honest (but not too honest) break-ups.

You’re thinking: I’m not ready to make the commitment you want.
But say: We want different things, and I just need some time to focus on myself.

You’re thinking: I hate your friends.
But say: Our social lives don’t blend as well as they could.

You’re thinking: You’re immature.
But say: We’re at different stages in our lives.

You’re thinking: You’re too needy.
But say: My career and extra-curriculars are too demanding. I don’t have the time to give you the type of relationship you need.

You’re thinking: I’ve met someone else.
But say: I’ve haven’t been getting what I need out of this relationship, and I don’t feel you are getting what you need, either. You deserve someone who will appreciate you more.

You’re thinking: I’ve got the hots for the girl who works at the coffee shop. And my colleague. Oh, and that girl I saw on the bus this morning.
But say: I’m not ready for a serious relationship right now; I need to be on my own.

Image courtesy of Helga Weber.


6 thoughts on “The Guide to Honest Break-Ups”

  1. Sigh. Once again,w e have a display that shows that women demand that men LIE to them, rather than tell you what we really think and feel.
    Women such as this ‘writer’ are less deep than a sidewalk puddle. Not to mention possessed of a major controlling problem.

  2. I’m not sure what’s worse about this site – the sycophantic articles catering to men’s worse side(s), or the pedantic comments by what seem to be worse men.

  3. How about, How To End It Like A LADY ?

    Why is it that the common theme in all these ‘articles’ is how any kind of behavior is Just Fine(tm) for the grrls, but how men, and men, ONLY, must comport themselves according to the Marquess of Queensbury Rules ?

    Of course, to ask such a question is to answer it; Women such as this ‘Jen’ demand accountability ONLY FROM MEN… That, of course, is pure sexism. Hers.

  4. I would like to think that breakups are about being honest and up front; about respecting your partner and what you had together. This often isn’t the case, and they often get ugly. I think both parties and both genders need to place more value on dignity and grace in such scenarios.

  5. What?? These are exactly the same type of lame excuses most women can see right through… Maybe this ‘expert’ (rolls eyes) hasn’t heard of plain & simple honesty — which, yes, might hurt, but is, um, the *adult* thing to do? Then again, I’m posting this on some lad site that nobody reads, so…

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