Stan Lee’s Rants VII

Commercials get in the way of a good story! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Neckties are barbaric! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Why do I have to wait for the doctor! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Small talk is stupid! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] Why aren’t there winter blockbusters! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] All car commercials are the same! [youtube width=”640″][/youtube] How can … Read More

7 Essential Ties for Guys

There are many things a tie should not be: It should not be musical or flashy. It should not be funny, and it should never, ever be zany. It should work flawlessly with your outfit, neither drawing attention to itself, nor fading into obscurity. And while choosing the right tie is never entirely simple, if you find one that fits … Read More

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