A Little Bit Gay

Striking out at the bar? I’ll tell you who isn’t. That guy who you’re convinced is gay. But he’s not. He’s just gay enough, and for him, business is booming.

Guys who are just gay enough have interests that extend beyond those that exclude 90 percent of women (car shows, college football, etc.). For a lot of guys, having the balls to approach a woman is only half the challenge. If you start talking to a potential pick-up about work, or Lebron James, or why the Zune kicks the iPod’s butt, you will BORE us.

You will greatly increase your chances if you share some common interests with her. A sensible comment about her outfit – complimenting her shoes or purse, for example – will go much further than praising her cleavage. Instead of talking sports, throw down a reality TV reference. If you can get us giggling about Tori Spelling, you’re gold.

For evidence of this phenomenon, look no further than Hollywood movies, where the gay BFF has become a staple. Every woman wants a gay BFF, and every woman with a gay BFF wishes he were straight. The math is simple.

Be a little bit gay: A few words about summer fashion or some insight into our friendship issues will go a long, long way. At least, she’ll be intrigued for a moment. And if you’re good, that’s all you need. You’re in.

Image courtesy of geishaboy500.

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