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Is Your Girlfriend Mad At You Because of Something She Dreamed?

Ever had a girlfriend get mad at your for your selfish, boorish behaviour you exhibited—during her dream last night? Well, settle down, you’re not alone—and you may be guilty of the same thing. A study published in Social Psychological & Personality Science has found that the way people in relationships … Read More


How to Travel With a Woman For the First Time, Part 1: Before the Trip

Taking a trip with a romantic partner is a huge milestone in a relationship. Vacationing together is an opportunity for you to learn way more about each other than you even thought possible: you’ll learn more about each other’s idiosyncrasies, how you both handle stress, and how well you compromise … Read More

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How to Shop for Your Girlfriend

So, you’re screwed. About six months ago, the lady friend in your life started dropping hints about what she’d like from you, gift-wise, for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate. Sadly, you missed these. About two months ago, we reminded you of impending doom, by which we mean the necessity of … Read More

Women gift guide

Gift Guide: The Girlfriend

Need some more ideas to save your last-minute buying butt? Yeah, we know. We guarantee nothing, but we have stuff for all budgets, from a $35 toque to a $900 coat. And if you’ve just met, we recommend you take her on a romantic-but-no-pressure date and get her something small, … Read More

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