Everyday Style: Sunglasses for Gentlemen

With sunglasses, it’s important to keep the sporty and the gentlemanly looks separate. The sporty blade shades are strictly for the bicycle race or the slopes. They just don’t belong with your everyday attire. Most metal framed or lightweight sports frames are a dead ‘style impaired’ giveaway – even on the playing field.

At the moment, the super-hipsters are sporting vintage Vuarnets, especially those with a very round lens shape. Of course you don’t need to go that far – but if you’re not racing on the provincial ski team, tone down the ‘performance’ eyewear. Your shades should have a sense of humour, history and style.

When it comes to eyeglasses, I recommend finding a great pair of sunglass or vintage frames and putting your lenses in them. For new frames, though it’s hard to beat Paul Smith’s slightly horn-rimmed frames. My favourite is the tortoise shell: The lighter you go, and the larger the frames, the more edgy and creative the look.??Whether you’re an accountant, an architect or an engineer, you should let your glasses reflect you: a cool, modern gentleman.

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