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When you finally get a few free hours on the weekend, do you want to battle lines, scour sizes and spend a lot of time admiring your reflection in a space the size of a closet? If you’re getting fitted for a tux, it makes sense to try it on, but what about staples like shirts, underwear and socks? You’ve been (about) the same size for years, so time to streamline your style.

For $16/month, MeUndies sends you a new pair of 100% modal, sweat-proof skivvies based on your style criteria. Select cut (boxer brief, trunk, brief), size and colour then let the elves in Beverly Hills do the rest. Exclusive discount for DailyXY readers: Use the coupon code “DailyXY” for 30% off your order.

Frank & Oak
This Montreal-based offshoot of the upscale menswear company Modasuite aims to create “the most hassle-free experience” a man can have. Input your clothing preferences and each month an email arrives with a custom-curated list of clothes that match your interests. Select up to five items which they ship for free. Don’t like it? Doesn’t fit? Send it back and pay for what you keep. Request an invite, as membership is free, but limited.

Underwear, shirts, socks, condoms – the less time spent thinking about these mundane yet important necessities, the more time spent on worthwhile pursuits like building that fire pit you’ve always talked about. Or watching a video about building a fire pit and then drinking a lot. Create a custom “Manpack” from a wide selection of top brands in a range of prices, and they’ll ship it to you every three months. They’re expanding to include grooming products, multivitamins and supplements and “Li’l Manpacks” for your lazy child.

Swag of the Month
Like a personal style advisor for the t-shirt addict, SOTM invites users to take a one-minute personality quiz before signing up for a monthly delivery. While the personality profiles seem to be limited to the archetypal Bay Street Lounge Lizard, Sweaty Club Junkie and Bearded Pub Crawler, how many of you can honestly say you’re so different?

Dollar Shave Club
Razors. For a dollar. The original, the best, the bastards who don’t ship to Canada.

Image by Siri Stafford.


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  1. I think it’s good to include Dollar Shave Club even if they don’t ship here. Perhaps if enough guys here are made aware of them, maybe they consider the Frozen North.

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