Bud Camp

Summer winding down? Not for several hundred randy 20-something year old males off to Bud Camp.
If you missed the TV spots (think Meatballs updated), Bud Camp is an annual promotion for Budweiser. Hundreds of lucky guys will be spending this weekend at a camp near Ottawa in the company of the Bud Camp Girls.

Apparently, several thousand women auditioned for the coveted 60 camp counselor spots. We’ll leave it to you to guess how the cut was made. (Bud Camp Girl Angela, for example, says her fave campfire song is Super Freak.)

The Bud Camp website promises that “legends come to life” this weekend. And we bet an overwhelming majority of the guys attend with the hope of getting at least a little hot tub action. But do the math: 400 guys, 60 girls. Even if the girls are really, really “friendly”, most guys will be tucking into their sleeping bags with nothing more than a can of Bud.

So what’s the truth about Bud Camp? How wild does it get? How many girls doff their tops? Does the welcome tote bag include condoms? This is exactly the kind of hard-hitting reportage we love at XY.

So we’ve embedded (so to speak) an unauthorized reporter deep inside the gates of Bud Camp. Our brave correspondent will send reports throughout the weekend via Twitter, and provide a full report next week.

To get our reporter’s Tweets throughout the weekend, go to Twitter now and follow “XYEmbed”.

NOTE: Our correspondent is not in any way affiliated with Budweiser.

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