Fall Fashion Forward

Although we’re still milking the last few days of summer and finally just got our beach bodies, it’s almost fall. Sigh. So between the re-storage of the patio furniture and showing off the abs we had on backorder, we have to turn our attention to investing in an autumnal wardrobe.

The Survivor Jacket
Even though you have no desire to rescue lost skiers, every man needs a multi-purpose jacket. Your preferences may lie with Canada Goose, but Parajumpers is top of the class. Each of the three styles – Gobi, Kodiak and Denali, is goose down-filled, has a parachute hook and enough pockets to raid your local drug store undetected. Sleek, stunning and a conversation starter. Available nationally at Harry Rosen or visit parajumpers.it.

Chunky Sweaters
No, you will not look like you walked out of a J. Crew catalogue, but rather off a Milanese catwalk. Chunky knits in greys, purples, browns and neutrals are the best choices for you this fall. Fabric choices include mohair/angora, wool, alpaca and cashmere. Note, when wearing chunky knits, ensure they’re a tad billowy with sleeves that stop at your knuckles.

Yes, you may roll your eyes, but Wellington boots are the new galoshes! Eschew thoughts of old men in English stables and think of stellar colour choices, eye-popping details and immediate induction into the style hall of fame! Irrespective of what the weather may bring (sleet, rain or snow, wellies) will make you king of the sidewalk. Visit londontradingpost.ca for mail orders.

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