Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon

Remember when wagons were dull? The Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon is part of the new generation. Just as much ‘sport’ as ‘wagon’ – just as much a toy for the driver as a conveyance for the stuff. I had a ball driving it and transporting a friend’s cottage necessities halfway across the province.

The feel behind the wheel

In the city it’s easy to slip in and around traffic. The steering is a joy, so sensitive it almost anticipates your direction. Agile, this wagon feels tightly contained. Despite its girth and the extra heft of all-wheel drive, it’s light and a 270 hp 3.0L V6 engine with direct injection ensures thrust when you feel the need to catch a disappearing amber.

On the open road it’s enjoyable to switch to the Driver Shift Control sport transmission and really sink into the experience of the working engine. Supplement the aforementioned AWD with limited slip differential for a good snap in the turns. The wide 18” polished aluminum wheels grasp onto the corners like a Beatle bride in divorce court. These came with the impressive Preferred Equipment Group package. (17” wheels come standard but who doesn’t love an extra inch?)

Bring the bling – it’s still definitely a Cadillac

While the CTS Sport Wagon favours the driver, it comes with plenty of distractions for your passengers. First there’s the touch screen panel. My kids loved the XM gangsta radio, which goes with the Caddie brand if not this model. (A station wagon, sport or not, just don’t say badass. Escalade, okay.) A superb navigation system has up-to-date mapping – less common than you’d think – and the exemplary concierge service of Onstar. (I asked but they wouldn’t unlock Tiger’s truck for me – even when I said I was a girlfriend.)

A bright ‘Ultraview’ sunroof uncovers most of the overhead. Like being in a convertible but without advertising your candidacy for midlife crisis. Despite the resulting brightness the screen isn’t washed out when you’re reversing with idiot-proof radar that, beeping, identifies small objects (like kids) as readily as walls. Your mother will love this feature and your dad, the handsome wood trim.

Base price: $53,790

As blinged out: $64,635

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