Call Me Missus (Robinson and I’ll Eff You Up)

Let’s be honest: Mrs. Robinson was hot but she was definitely someone’s mom (and she smoked like a chimney and looked like she smoked). Nothing wrong with that, but I hate it that everyone gets hung up on this moniker whenever older woman-younger man combo is mentioned.

The other day I was in a store with my friend C., 33, when she pointed to a young guy and said, “Is he too young for me?” He was not. He was probably in his early 20s but too young? Come on. And C. wasn’t talking about dating him either. Chances are she just wanted to play (warning number two: call an older woman a “cougar” and we’ll take away your Lego and no dessert after dinner.). Here are the rules of the game:

We look at younger men. There’s certain freedom in being a bit older and knowing what we like once we get to 30. But I have to tell you that like my friend C., we still wonder if hitting on you would be appropriate. This is unfortunate.

Don’t be shy. Despite the fact that women in their 30s, 40s and 50s have no qualms about approaching men they find attractive, they still want to be pursued. And just because you’re younger, don’t wait up for her to make the first move.

Don’t just sit there! Just because she’s older than you, don’t get too hung up on that Mrs. Robinson (ugh) myth where you’ll be this little dumb puppy and she’ll expertly strut on your chest wearing a weathered babydoll chemise, ciggie and a martini.

Just sit there. Sometimes it will be exactly like in the movie. You’ll lie there, she’ll do her thing and then you’ll have to go.

Don’t think about it too much. An older woman will probably have no trouble establishing parameters of your relationship — and if you’re not sure, ask.

P.S. And if you fall in love, it’ll be just as awesome or as terrible as it would be if you were to date someone your own age.

Image courtesy of garann.

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