Cologne: 7 New Scents for Spring

This spring, invest in a fragrance update.

Whether you’re a casual-user or compulsive-consumer, our best advice is to avoid excessive enthusiasm.  Keep it to yourself and those lucky enough to be closest to you.  Your “reach” should extend no further than your personal space.

If you’re debating whether it’s a worthy investment or not, the Kinsey Institute  for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction Study confirms that men’s cologne enhances sexual arousal among women. Who are we to argue with science?

Here’s some of our favourite new scents this season:

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2 thoughts on “Cologne: 7 New Scents for Spring”

  1. Good round-up.  I have about 27 bottles of cologne on-the-go. I wonder if that qualifies me as a ‘compulsive-consumer’?

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