Buying a Barbecue in Canada

This launches DailyXY’s summer barbecue series. Check back for more coverage hot off the grill.

It’s that time again. The weather warms, the days grow longer and the minds of boys everywhere turn to the passion that has delighted mankind for centuries.


But it’s not as simple as sticking some meat on a stick and spinning it over a fire. We wouldn’t be men if we weren’t constantly refining our meat-cooking technology. Here, the latest innovations for your consideration.

If You Want to Get Grilling Now…

Coleman Even Heat Small Spaces
Just because you’re trapped in an 800-square-foot glass box in the sky doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to savour the taste of grilled meat. This small wonder packs 30,000 BTUs and crams a 460-square inch grilling surface into a sleek unit for which your balcony is begging. $350/$400 (propane/natural gas)

Cuisinart Gourmet Infrared Pro 900
Because sometimes you want to feed an army, or just look like you can. This beast boasts 75,000 BTUs and a burger capacity of nearly three dozen, ensuring nobody’s standing around with empty plates during your next backyard soirée. $900/$950

Visions Kamado Pro Charcoal
This charcoal grill ain’t your daddy’s campground kettle. While Dad might scoff at a charcoal grill that costs as much as his first car, the build quality is second to none and its ability to maintain low temperatures for extended periods (crucial for maximizing that smoky juiciness) is unparalleled. If you’ve grown up on the taste of meat cooked exclusively over propane or gas, this grill may very well change your life. $800

If You Want to Turn Up the Heat…

Cookshack Smokers
According to a lot of people, what Canadians call barbecue is not barbecue. Oklahoma-based Cookshack promises real Southern barbecue — heat and wood smoke cook at a low temperatures (125°F – 300°F) — rendering ribs, chicken, brisket or whatever your meat-of-the-month is incomparably tender and juicy with distinctive pink smoke rings. Available in backyard “Smokette Elite” size and the “I’m taking a run at the State Fair” professional Smart Smoker. Smokette Elite $950, Smart Smoker $4,200

Weber Summit Grill Centre
Not merely a barbecue, the Weber Summit Grill Centre (with optional $1,100 “social area”) is practically an outdoor kitchen. Fitting that for an extra grand, it comes with a veritable altar around which your friends can gather to worship it. $3,900 ($5,000 with social area) plus delivery and assembly

Image courtesy of timsnell.

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