Customize Your Style Online

It’s tough to have truly personal style when you’re shopping at the same racks as everyone else. That’s where the web has brick and mortar beat: Websites like the ones featured here are revolutionizing fashion by allowing you to customize your clothing options, down to the very last detail.

This T-shirt boutique offers unique designs – from stylized record players to eco-statements, like men painting leaves on trees – that are both crowdsourced (designed by the people) and crowdfunded (owned by the people). For $23, you can own a T-shirt that none of your buddies has. Or, you can make a $10 investment in a new design, and reap the profits if it becomes a hit.
Shirts My Way allows you to create one-of-a-kind dress shirts by selecting the colour and pattern of your cotton shirt, as well as buttons, collar and pocket styles. Try different combinations until you create your masterpiece, and then enter your measurements to customize the fit. The result will run you $80 – $95 – a small price for distinctiveness.

The sad truth about clothes you love: They inevitably get worn out or lost, and then they’re impossible to replace. offers a solution by using something called “Likeness Technology.” Just upload a photo of your beloved sweater (or anything else), and let’s visual search engine find its twin – or at least a reasonable facsimile. You’ll never have to say goodbye to your favorite threads again.

Photo courtesy of a.drian.

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