Getting World News Via Twitter

With its coverage of the first Gulf War now over two decades ago, CNN changed the way we consume the news. Around the clock, neatly groomed anchors delivered up-to-the minute updates, including live footage, from the conflict overseas. It was groundbreaking stuff, for a world accustomed to nightly newscasts and … Read More

Bride comp

Groom with a Website

She, comparing me to love-crazed guy in movie: “Would you burn a building for me?” Me: “Not really my style.” She: “What is your style?” [pause] “Oh, you’d start a blog.” Weddings have web sites these days; did you know that? They include useful information such as how to get … Read More

Customize Your Style Online

It’s tough to have truly personal style when you’re shopping at the same racks as everyone else. That’s where the web has brick and mortar beat: Websites like the ones featured here are revolutionizing fashion by allowing you to customize your clothing options, down to the very last detail. … Read More

Vices to Virtues

Let’s call a spade a spade. You’ll be smoking by January 15, among other things. Because of that, XYYC has decided to substitute the usual New Year’s resolutions with a new tradition: Resolve to indulge. Examples: swap tobacco for cigars, daily Big Macs for premium red meat, women on the … Read More

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