Montreal’s Best Hookah Bars

In much of the Arab world, where booze and drugs are strictly forbidden, hookahs – water pipes, usually stuffed with aromatic, fruity tobacco – are the indulgence of choice. Luckily, in Montreal, hookahs are just one of many indulgences from which we can choose. Herewith, our favourite hookah bars.

Resto Cafe Shahrazad
With simple but inviting décor, this light-filled room is always packed with burnt-out students. But there’s no reason a burnt-out professional such as yourself wouldn’t fit right in. 1448 MacKay St., 514-937-1818

Cafe Hookah Lounge
This always-dark lounge has done away with its individual booths, which were enclosed with curtains, opting instead for open concept. Comfy leather chairs and a shoes-optional policy give this place the feeling of a family room – with a great drink list. 1699 St. Denis St., 514-287-7266

Cafe Gitana
Turkish rugs, music and people give Cafe Gitana an air of authenticity; it’s like a slice of Istanbul. 2080A St. Denis St., 514-281-0090

Kafein Cafe Bar
Kafein Cafe Bars walks a fine line between trendy lounge and hookah bar, with beat-driven tunes and colourful décor. It’s still a supremely mellow shisha-smoking experience. 1429A Bishop St., 514-904-6969

Cafe Arabesque
Known as much for its tasty Egyptian, Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine as its unique shisha concoctions, Cafe Arabesque is a mainstay for Montreal hookah aficionados for good reason. 1241 Guy St., 514-933-3331

Photo courtesy of Larsz.


2 thoughts on “Montreal’s Best Hookah Bars”

  1. I would say that last night was my first time smoking there, and I must say I was deeply disappointed as it is usually rated Montreal’s “best” Hookah lounge. It is absolutely terrible. Took 20 min to be served at the table, another 25 min to get the hookah. Only have 3 kings coals, no cocos! The prices are high. 12$ for Double Apple, 14$ for Nakhla and 16$$ for Al Fakher!!!! But that isn’t what ticked me off. What really set me off, is they do not, I repeat, DO NOT, give out glasses of tap water. You want something to drink, you can get a drink starting at 2$. So, all in all, this has to be my LEAST favourite hookah lounge in all of Montreal. Stick to ZaZa on 903 boulevard Decarie, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 3M3. 10$ for Nakhla before 6pm, 12$ after for any flavor, and they serve Coconaras or Three Kings. They have multiple TVs to watch hockey games or any other sport, an awesome menu of food and they serve nice, cold glasses of ice water. Check them out. I would chose ZaZa any day over Shahrazad.

  2. i had my shesha at arabesque 2 days earlier and i was a bad experience because after a couple of breaths it was fading and i was like smoking air then when i removed the cover i realized why was that. they are using flat heads so that it contain less amount and the 15 dollars that they charge for a small head dose not worth it and it sound like buying bottle of water for 15 $.

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