Don Cherry’s 10 Commandments of Style

Don Cherry’s hockey icon status earned him the biopic treatment this week, with CBC’s “Keep Your Head Up, Kid.” But the 76-year-old is also a bona fide style guru. Here, his fashion commandments. Follow them with caution.

Thou shalt ignore trends.
“My style is late-1920s and ’30s, when men wore nice, tight double-breasted jackets. There’s not many sharp dressers anymore. It makes me look better!”

Honour thy father’s wardrobe.
“My dad got his suits made-to-measure at Tip Top Tailors. Dack’s shoes, Mackinaw coat, a white silk scarf and a Dunhill cigarette holder. He was a picture to behold.”

Shine thy shoes.
“You can have a $5,000 suit, but if your shoes aren’t shined, you’ll look ridiculous.”

Dress well for travel.
“Ron MacLean and I are the only TV people that travel in suits. When you look good, people treat you different.”

And for everyday life.
“Shakespeare said it best: ‘Apparel oft proclaims the man.’ Dress sharp and you can get away with an awful lot.”

Express thyself.
“If you have a little savoir-faire swagger, then have fun with your clothes.”

But know thy limits.
“I wouldn’t recommend anybody does what I do. I go over the top.”

Ignore haters.
“People say my shirts are so clean that they look effeminate. It don’t matter to me!”

Find thyself great luggage.
“I got my suit bag in L.A. 40 years ago. I can put three suits in it, and they’ll never be wrinkled. Never fold your suits.”

Thou shalt relax, sometimes.
“At home, I wear checkered pants and a T-shirt with cut-off sleeves. I go from sublime to ridiculous.”


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  1. Haha! Great commandments! This will aid in my reporting of Mr.Cherry’s style sense that I am blogging about. Mind if I cite you?

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