Don’t Call It a Meltdown

My fiancée isn’t supposed to read this column, based on a deal we made at the outset, but of course she does.

She had one request for this week’s dispatch: That I not write about her meltdown — her word, not mine — over the weekend.

So I won’t. I will instead point out that brides having crises of confidence in their plans is probably normal in this era of the $30,000 wedding.

Also —and this is important in understanding where my fiancée is coming from — most brides don’t have to deal with the fact that the G20 summit is landing on top of their Big Day. Mine does, as I’ve mentioned before.

Oh, and have I shared with you that Pride Week kicks off the night of our wedding as well?

And also that my fiancée’s new job will involve working at least 17 days straight right up to two days before the day itself?


What kicked off the panic this week was the abrupt cancellation of a hotel room for my future aunt-and-uncle-in-law despite our having a signed contract. Thank you, Novotel on Esplanade.

(Yes, I’m calling you out on the Internet, Novotel. Treat your customers better. Or is it actually true that the French delegation just cannot abide a single civilian guest in the hotel? Well, be careful, Mr. Sarkozy, they don’t treat reservations seriously over at Novotel, and they won’t bother acting too sorry about cancelling on you.)

Anyway, point of the story is: After the hotel room disappointment, my fiancée now thinks it wise to figure out a Plan B just in case our venue cancels on us too. After all, it sits a mere two blocks from the presumptive location of the (needlessly provocative) G20 security fence.

I hope to hell the venue manager says something reassuring. Finding musicians was the last level boss we needed to defeat together in our quest to plan our nuptials. Having to figure out a Plan B would be like being kicked all the way back to World 1-1.

It’s like my fiancée said just before I wrote this: The planning of the modern wedding is a great way for a couple to test their relationship. And the worse your timing is, the harder the test.

Image courtesy of Pierre J. on flickr

This is a test