Everyday Style: A Real Bag for a Real Man

Sadly, the weekend bag is an often overlooked part of a guy’s wardrobe. You may have the salvage denim rolled to a perfect height over your new Sperrys and a sweet pair of vintage Ray Bans, but as you prepare to head out of town for a night or two, that gym bag over your shoulder is a tragic spoiler.

It’s time to invest in a real bag. A man’s bag. This item will not incorporate paper-thin nylon or the name of your university. It will be made of durable canvas or leather. It will cost you some money. And if you choose carefully, it will last you a lifetime. Here are some of my favourite options:

You can’t go wrong with Filson (pictured above). The Seattle-based company has been around since 1897 when C.C. Filson started outfitting West Coast gold seekers. The product hasn’t changed much since then. Great quality materials and manufacturing.

Alternatively, little compares with a RRL small duffel. This bag is based on old military issue so it’ll last forever. Ralph has done us the service, however, of adding beautifully oiled bridle leather handles and detailing. If you are looking to invest in a showpiece, this is for you.

Personally, I’m into the Cessna Stow Bag, produced by my own company, Red Canoe. It’s the perfect carry-on for two day’s supplies. Constructed of canvas and heavy cotton webbing, it looks great and is practically indestructible. And it’s a helluva lot better than a gym bag.


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