Everyday Style: J.Crew, Come to Canada!

I have just returned from a trip to the U.S. and was very impressed with the J.Crew stores I visited while there. They have a deadly flagship store in NYC and I’m putting out the call for them to open one in Canada. Here are three things I think J.Crew … Read More

Everyday Style: Shirts for Hot Days

I’m currently attending the massive Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City. The 100 degree weather has me pondering some summer shirt options. The outdoor industry may not be known for being particularly fashion-forward, but brands like North Face, Timberland and Helly Hansen are generally reliable for a solid … Read More

Everyday Style: Give Sneakers the Boot

After receiving an invitation out to the country, it’s awful to have to tip toe around because your city footwear is inadequate. Every guy should have a pair of hardcore bush / farm / canoe trip / hunting boots for these occasions. One pair can cover all, and with the … Read More

Everyday Style: A Real Bag for a Real Man

Sadly, the weekend bag is an often overlooked part of a guy’s wardrobe. You may have the salvage denim rolled to a perfect height over your new Sperrys and a sweet pair of vintage Ray Bans, but as you prepare to head out of town for a night or two, … Read More

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