Everyday Style: Cowtown Finds

I paid my first visit to renowned clothier O’Connors (Men’s & Women’s Clothing & Footwear) on a recent visit to Calgary. I could go on and on about the amazing space the owners Graham and his son Myles have created there. Anyone in the vicinity looking for ‘the right stuff’ should check it out.

I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore the entire (amazing) building so will just gush on about their men’s footwear ‘store’ in store run by Greg Smith.

Mr. Smith must have seen me walk in the door and from across the expanse of retail heaven analyzed and determined what he was going to present to me when and if I made it into his area. When I did arrive there the prime display space was loaded with styles I loved which were all in my odd size (7 — which no stores carry!). The perfect trap had been laid and I walked out with 2 pairs I’ll treasure until they fall apart on one of my grandchildrens’ feet. (Dress riding boot style from Alfred Sargent, from England, with Dainite
soles; and refined desert boot style from Alden, from New England.)

Greg also showed me how to properly tie a bow – I literally was doing it wrong and his great technique of ‘going around the other way’ leaves the knot lying flat and horizontal. I love knots so re-learning one was another bonus to me!

Don’t miss it. O’Connors is at 1415 – 1st Street S.W. in Calgary.

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