Why Your Barista Probably Hates You

Looking for the perfect coffee table book? In a matter of weeks, the blog Bitter Barista has gone from birth to internet sensation to glossy hardcover book, mostly thanks to the a-holes who frequent snooty coffee joints. OK, it did take a disillusioned DJ/barista/writer named Matt Wason, a less-than-amused boss, … Read More

Et Tu, Jezebel?

We knew that any article entitled “How To Be A Jerk” would bring all types out of the woodwork. Still, it was a tad surprising how many self-styled “nice guys” scaled their virtual soapbox to brag to the world about how they still lay down their jackets for puddle-fording damsels and … Read More

Bride comp

Groom with a Website

She, comparing me to love-crazed guy in movie: “Would you burn a building for me?” Me: “Not really my style.” She: “What is your style?” [pause] “Oh, you’d start a blog.” Weddings have web sites these days; did you know that? They include useful information such as how to get … Read More

What You Missed

This week, our bloggers covered a lot of ground, from the importance of a lounge chair to the, uh, ins and outs of making love to a pregnant woman. Here’s what you missed. A Man’s Abode Design guru Roy Banse tells us that if Archie Bunker taught us anything, it’s … Read More

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