Everyday Style: Give Sneakers the Boot

After receiving an invitation out to the country, it’s awful to have to tip toe around because your city footwear is inadequate.

Every guy should have a pair of hardcore bush / farm / canoe trip / hunting boots for these occasions. One pair can cover all, and with the right ones you can at least pretend you know what you’re doing.

Here are some of my favourites:

Schnees: This Montana brand, produced a classic style: completely waterproof, 13” tall, and available with varying degrees of insulation. Warning: If you wear these boots, you may be asked to handle an axe, check a firearm or help carry a sick lamb across a stream.


Nokian: The Volvo of rubber boots. The Finnish brand known to North Americans for their Nokia cell phones started out making rubber products, including tires and boots. These are more of a cold weather option, but they can work year round. Scandinavians know them, so if you’re lucky, one day you’ll hear: ‘Tat’s a super par of rupper poots’!


Le Chameau: For a high-class country gathering, arrive in the Rolls Royce of boots. The boot of choice of English aristocracy comes lined with leather and the rubber is handmade in France. Pricey but worth every penny.


Russel Moccasin: These moccasin-style boots are American classics that’ll last pretty much forever. If you plan to live in the bush permanently, these would be a great choice.


Yuketen: The fashion-forward alternative combines North American Native, classic Russel Moccasin and of-the-moment hipster styles. Not going to get you much cred in the eyes of outdoorsmen, but they’ll do well if you’re at fashion show in the bush.


Image courtesy of Simone Hudson.


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