Everyday Style: J.Crew, Come to Canada!

I have just returned from a trip to the U.S. and was very impressed with the J.Crew stores I visited while there. They have a deadly flagship store in NYC and I’m putting out the call for them to open one in Canada. Here are three things I think J.Crew is doing right.

1. The Fit
They are getting it in terms of dramatically slimming down khakis and dark denim selvage jeans – items I cannot find at a reasonable price in Toronto. Their jeans tapered in a bit too straight a line from the butt, but the colour, finish and simplicity were right on.

2. Reliable Basics
I need everyday white and patterned button-up preppy shirts that fit well, that aren’t too dressy or embellished, and look good even when they’re wrinkled. J.Crew has the ticket and they even merchandise them wrinkly in the store. The prices are reasonable too.

3. The Collaborations
Their cool collaborations with Sperry, Timex, Converse and Red Wing (pictured below) really bolster their street cred in my eyes. Again, good prices offer great value. I bought the Timex vintage military watch for my wife because one of my close buddies already scooped me on it.


To my faithful readers: I’ll be taking a hiatus from my blog at DailyXY. The recent U.S. Launch of Red Canoe is keeping me on the road a lot these days. Follow my new adventures at redcanoebrands.com and keep in touch!


1 thought on “Everyday Style: J.Crew, Come to Canada!”

  1. I thought the exact same thing 10 years ago shopping at their North Michigan Ave store when I was visiting Chicago on business.

    J.Crew can make most people look really good, the clothes are well made and and don’t cost as small fortune.

    Perhaps a mail in campaign to set up stores in Toronto Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal?

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