Fall Fashion Essentials

The fashion world has always had a flare for the dramatic; hence the seasonal use of the word “essentials” to describe items that are a far cry from food and shelter. “Luxuries” is a far more apt way of describing these items, which Lanita Layton, Holt Renfrew’s vice president of menswear, says will define the fall fashion season.

1. The Workman Boot
The Japanese are crazy about classic American work boots, like those produced by Minnesota’s Red Wing Shoes; the style that Layton calls “the city hiker” will reign supreme in North America, too.
Get: Red Wings, $289.99; Yuketen Hunter boots, $495.

JM01 Hunt Boots CXL Brown

2. Plaid Shirts
Look for plaid on shirts of all kinds, from lumberjack flannel numbers to light woven dress shirts. According to Layton, plaid and patterned pants will also be big. She kindly reminds us: “No check on check!”
Get: Burkman Brothers Double Weave Shirt, $240.

3. Topcoat
Cut to mid-calf, a Cary Grant-esque double-breasted wool topcoat looks best atop a suit, but it can up the elegance on a sports coat or heavy-knit sweater as well.
Get: Paul Smith Overcoat, $1195.

4. Wingtips
The brogue shoe – or, wingtip – has never gone out of style. Sport a pair to add a touch of timeless elegance to a slim-cut suit – or a jeans-and-button-down ensemble.
Get: Florsheim’s Lexington, US $100 (call 866-454-0449); John Lobb Lazenby, $1625.

5. Checked Suit
Break free of pinstripes this season with a “Mad Men”-inspired windowpane (checked) suit. (Pictured above, as worn by Cary Grant.) Moderation, Layton says, is key: Your pattern should whisper, not shout.
Get: Armani Collezioni three-piece, $2690; Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Saxxon, US $1098.

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Image courtesy of Robert Rizzato on Flickr.


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  1. The first two are rather silly. Only a few men can wear plaid well — and a subtle Vyella plaid a that. The mid-calf top coat is a great idea. Wool and cashmere blends are great. All cashmere even better. Double breasted is a fantastic idea — for most builds except the very heavy. But the best idea is the checked suit. You might also try a Glen Plaid, which is a fancy windowpane.

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