Best Weekender Bags for Guys

There’s something about a weekender bag. The sense of excitement seeing it sit desk side on Friday holding the (hastily packed) promise of a quick getaway. The convenience of a carry-on that carries-all. For whatever reason, I find myself drawn to this particular breed of luggage, not only for what it … Read More

Brooks Brothers Brings Flatiron Concept to Toronto

My brother is about the last person I would go to for style advice. His affinity for 501s and a sweatshirt doesn’t inspire much confidence in his apparel approval abilities. Fortunately, there’s a new brother in town. On Saturday Brooks Brothers debuted its new Flatiron concept store in Toronto at … Read More

Style Suggesitons: Stripes Beyond Suits

While most men accept colorful stripes when it comes to their shirts and ties, many still find the idea of the multi-stripe a daunting prospect anywhere else in their wardrobe. Common sense and the works of Rudyard Kipling have taught us that a tiger can’t change his stripes. And you, … Read More

Calgary, Meet Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers is, no doubt, the most iconic brand in modern American menswear. Since 1818, the company has basically been calling the shots in the world of men’s clothing, and the modern-day suit as we know it is largely their creation. Little surprise that they’ve dressed everyone from Lincoln to … Read More

How to Wear a Bowtie

It should come as little surprise that the recent craze for bowties seems to have legs; the accessory, after all, has been a staple of men’s wardrobes for centuries. Yet nowadays, few things seem to make sartorially savvy men more fraught, more unsure. Our executive editor, Russell Smith, has addressed … Read More

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