Four-Wheeled Aphrodisiac: The Saab 93 Aero XWD

Given that Canadians own 10 percent of GM, we should take the Saab brand. The 93 Aero is marvel and thoroughly appropriate for Canada.

The 93’s sporty responsiveness is like a drug. The cross-wheel drive system includes all-wheel drive. It grips the road like a guy with a remote during figure skating season. Fine-tuned springs and self-leveling gas shocks make every turn a slingshot thrill. At night the xenon headlights corner with you, anticipating your way with light.

You launch the beast with its central console ignition. Then, careful! Touch the accelerator like you’re testing scalding bathwater. The engine’s 2.8L V-6 turbo emits 280 hp@5500rpm and 295 lb-ft of torque that can snap you to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds.

From the outside the appropriately named Aero is every bit as sexy as an Audi A4 or Lexus GS 350. Inside, the instruments are laid out to envelope you, keeping your attention on the drive. There’s plenty of thought to detail. One button turns off all the lights on the panel except the speedometer, reducing distractions and increasing your mellow. The paddles for switching gears are on the inside of the wheel. The down gear is just above the phone. So when it rings, you’re instantly able to slow down. The up gear is right above the music controls. So when you hear a great tune, presto, you can rocket – so to speak.

Golden Extras
As I said, the Swedes get Canada. (The tiny islands off the coast outside Stockholm could be subjects of Group of Seven paintings.) Little treats like heated side view mirrors make a huge difference after a flash freeze in early spring. The car heats in seconds (and cools instantly in summer – I tested another last summer during an apocalyptically hot day). Saab was the first to provide heated seats and their innovation hasn’t stopped. The leather sport seats support you like a firm hammock.

Yes, this car will get you plenty of attention. Its gentle growl is an aphrodisiac. Somebody tell Frank Stronach. Maybe he’ll buy the brand.

MSRP $43,990
As Tested $49,165

*Will it get you laid?

Image courtesy of Stenza.

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