The Bald Truth

Like free cable and the ability to drink without getting a hangover, a healthy head of hair is something you don’t really appreciate till it’s gone. Thankfully, some clever balding solutions mean there’s no reason to get down about your high forehead. We weigh some popular options.

Used to be that a guy in a toupée looked as inconspicuous as Michael Jackson at his high school reunion, but with advanced approaches like the SensiGraft hair system, no one will be the wiser. Made of human hair, the SensiGraft is attached to a polyurethane skin that’s glued to the scalp. Creepy but compelling. $2,500

A hair transplant
is a painful, permanent procedure in which surgeons harvest healthy hair from the back and sides of the head and plant it on top. It looks and feels natural, though after time, further balding can leave you looking patchy. $5,000 – $20,000

With one pill a day, Propecia cheaply and non-intrusively curbs hair loss. But before you dash off to the drugstore, consider this: Side effects may include reduced sex drive. What’s the use of having hair if you ain’t getting any? $75 / month

In Yemen, men shampoo with jugs of camel pee to combat thinning hair. Regrettably, Canadian salons have been slow to adopt the ancient Islamic remedy.? Free (provided you have camel access)

Real men shrug off thinning hair. Embrace your impending baldness and kiss those sad locks goodbye with a pair of clippers. $22.49


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