Get Rid of Her Ex

You know the scenario. It seems like all’s going well with the new lady, and then he steps into the picture: the notorious ex. The ghost of relationships past. Dealing with a former beau who refuses to let go can be tricky, even if his title does indicate that he’s history. To hunt your prey, you must first understand it. Presenting the exes you might encounter – and the best ways to say goodbye.

Fresh Ex: He’s a recent ex who pops by to return a book, grab some clothes or even visit the dog. The break-up’s still fresh, and he misses her.
Solution: Her response is key. If she misses him, say goodbye – you’re a rebound. If not, then ride it out. He will fade soon.

Friendly Ex: He’s buddies with her, and trying with you. His overreaching invitations to join his volleyball team make you want to throw up in your mouth.
Solution: He’s not a real threat, so be kind. But if you must, join the rival volleyball team and spike it down his throat.

Heartbreaking Ex: You know, the one she talks about all the time?
Solution: Be honest with yourself. If you know she isn’t over him, then walk away.

Permanent Ex: If there are children involved, or he’s a long-time friend, he’s not going anywhere.
Solution: If she treats him like family (the kind you don’t sleep with), then you should too.

Facebook Ex: Though there’s no real-life contact between this guy and your girl, he’s writing on her wall and, uh, poking her.
Solution: If she’s not poking back, then just write it off as a pitfall of modern technology and move on.

Image courtesy of xeeliz on Flickr.

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