Hello, Goodbye: Treat Her Right Both Ways

You get in from a long day at the office, only to find her slaving away in the kitchen. Though tempted to plop down on the awaiting couch with your iPad, you walk over to your little lady, give her a peck on her pout, and ask about her day. Then you hit that couch.

It’s a scene right out of the white-picket ’50s (well, except for the iPad). But these days it works in both directions and, in terms of you communicating with her, it remains the ideal gentleman’s greeting.

The point is, by greeting her right when you walk in the door, you show her you can’t get enough of her. It takes little effort on your part; it’s pain-free, guys, and the dividends are significant: She feels recognized, loved, cared for. Sure, she should do the same for you — but think about it, she probably does.

Still, it should come as no surprise that us ladies have a teensy tendency to “examine” aspects of our relationships. If you rush off in the morning without kissing her goodbye — or, worse, without announcing your exit altogether — she will start composing stories in her head about why you’re acting distant. Guaranteed you will be hearing about it later.

So head it off at the pass. Whatever excuses you’re telling yourself that stop you from greeting or leaving her graciously, realize that they’re short-term at best and will never help you in the long run. (Unless running out the door is the long run, and you’re not coming back. Then again, why be a jerk about it?) Be debonair at the right entry/exit moments, and prevent a whole whirlwind of “talking” about it.

But She Looks Busy
Yes, she might look oh-so-busy when you get in — reading her book, chatting on the phone with a friend or playing in the kitchen, writing an article for her tyrant editor, perhaps — but all these things can continue while (and after you) kiss her. Lean in (you lustful lover, you) and show her that no distraction can get in the way of your passion.

But She’s Sleeping
You’re up and at ’em top of the morn’ and she is looking as sweet as ever, eyes closed and head rested in a deep sleep in your bed. Nuh-uh, not good enough: Wake up your sleeping beauty with a kiss on her head, tell her you’re off for the day and you’ll be in touch later. This mid-sleep moment will keep her feeling content throughout the day and is a much better option to waking up and wondering why you couldn’t bother to say goodbye.

But I’ve Had a Long Day
I get it: You’re not a Romeo robot, and you can’t give her your undivided attention at every moment of every day, especially after a long one at that. But all you have to give her is that kiss, a greeting done right; plus, she wasn’t the cause of your work stress. A partner is there to offer you support after a long day, so give her yours through your actions.

Basically, boys, by giving good greeting you are hitting two birds with one stone: showing her you care while harnessing healthy habits, with the focus on continual chemistry, passion and romance. Extra points for throwing in an appropriate amount of tongue.

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