Girlfriend, Wife or Mother?

When you snag yourself a woman who hankers to be the lady of the house, you perceive the fine line between girlfriend, wife and mother. But can you tell the difference? Here are some states of play that you might want to consider before you get too excited about a woman taking … Read More

How to Get Your Ex Back

So you think it’s a good idea to try to get back together with your ex. Though I never approve of rekindling a failed romance — things break for a reason, like, they’re cheap or poorly designed — I will leave that decision to you. As you proceed, consider active … Read More

Avoiding the Friend Zone

Beers with your bud aside, when two single adults get together for a drink date, there is almost always a flirtatious undercurrent, if not a full-out and obvious mutual sexual attraction. If you’re in the dating scene, regardless of your age or time of life, and find yourself out on … Read More

The Modern Gentleman: Chivalry

“Is chivalry dead?” A question for the ages, that one. It’s also a question that no man would ever ask. Still, guys, you need to understand: Women want to be wooed, even by men who are not their suitors. Yes, modern women. What’s the state of chivalry in 2012 (and, why … Read More

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