How Not to Piss Off Pregnant Women

There are so many wonderful things to say to a pregnant woman, so why is it that so many men take the opportunity to put their feet directly in their mouths? While we ponder this mystery, and while you continue to offend, at least study this list, and steer clear of the worst of all pregnancy comments.

1. “Wow, you’re huge!” You think? We have the pleasure of seeing our weight skyrocket and our bellies (and butts) expand, so we’re already aware of our hugeness, thanks. Instead, try, “You look beautiful.”

2. The belly rub. I am not a genie bottle. The only way we’ll perceive this as sweet is if we’re asked permission first. Then you’re the sensitive, inquisitive guy instead of the inappropriate one.

3. “You’re ready to pop.” “Actually, I have 6 weeks to go.” This sort of comment is usually spawned from that incessant need to say something pregnancy related. It’s better to not talk about the pregnancy at all then to give women a reason to feel insecure.

4. Any phrase that begins with “Should you be…?” or “Are you allowed to…”? From the moment women find out they’re pregnant, they’re inundated with what not to do, eat, drink, etc. Chances are whatever you’re unsure of, we already know.

5. Sharing horror stories. You’ve probably heard of at least one pregnancy or labour nightmare. Don’t tell the pregnant lady. Stress isn’t good for the baby – or the mom. Besides, we’ve got enough to worry about.

(Photo courtesy of Jamie Campbell

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