How to Pick Up in Yoga Class

It’s no secret that girls dig guys who do yoga. We love watching you in plank pose, and we think it’s adorable when you try – and fail – to balance on one foot in tree. But converting your natural yogic appeal into an actual phone number is a subtle art. Follow these simple rules and you may just find your bliss.

1. Shorts: Too tight and too loose both risk unwanted exposure. Wear a pair that’s comfortable and that leaves room for our imagination. It’s better this way.

2. Staring: No matter how hot her tush is in spandex, getting busted gawking will only lead to bad karma.

3. Gas: Serious yogis encourage natural “release”, but there’s nothing sexy about exhaling your burrito in her face – or worse, letting one rip in downward dog. If it slips, either apologize or hope the chump beside you gets the blame.

4. Make space: If the class is packed, do your yogini-to-be a favour and make room next to your mat. She’ll be grateful she’s not stuck at the back, and all that close, heavy breathing can’t do any harm.

5. Post-class chat: In that calm yet energized haze after namaste, no sweaty yogi wants a flat-out pickup attempt. But friendly chit-chat is great, and if your chakras align, ask her to tea. Tantric sex might be in the cards, but not yet. For now, relax – and try to stay zen.

Photo courtesy of Adria Richards.

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