Volunteer to Meet Girls in Toronto

We won’t tell you how great volunteering is for your community; you already know that. What you may not have considered is that it’s also a terrific way to meet women. While there is sadly no Models Without Borders (we checked), finding a single, civic-minded young lady is still relatively easy. Here’s a roundup of some excellent volunteer opportunities – with a look at the girls you might meet along the way.

Citizens’ Environment Watch (CEW)
The Type: Super-fit eco-babes
The Gig: Keep the city sparkling by cleaning up its parks and beaches. We’re talking about hard labour here: sweat and tank tops and, on beach jobs, tremendous potential for a post-work skinny-dip.

MBAs Without Borders
The Type: Independent ladies (i.e., sugar mommas)
The Gig: Members here are worldly and have extensive business experience; indeed, many have MBAs (though it’s not a prerequisite). Put your Club Med dreams aside and spend a romantic getaway opening green-tech markets in Tanzania, or helping the blind in Niger.

Inner City Angels
The Type: Artsy girls
The Gig: The Inner City Angels, which brings arts education to 12,000 Toronto students, is positively swimming with big-hearted, artistically inclined hipster babes.

Heritage Toronto

The Type: Young internationals
The Gig: Get outside and volunteer as a walk assistant for Heritage Toronto’s free historical tours; you’ll have your pick of impressionable young ladies from abroad, spending the summer here to learn English. Be generous with your time: You have much to teach them.

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